Nikitas Kavouklés

about kavoukles mythos


        I started painting spontaneously.
                                   Experimented with various materials and mediums
                                                                               to explore methods
                                                                                                to aid in my search
                                                                          for an answer
                                                           as to why                      

I spontaneously began to paint.

                                                 At a young age
                                                                        I juxtaposed
                                                                                          neolithic methods
                                                                    and Dada CONcepts.

                                                           I also began to explore
                           my consciousness
                                                                           using random chaos theory
                                                                                         my work gradually evolved

                                                  it is.


Mr. Kavouklés’ artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries in the Northeast and in Florida.

He was an active board member of the Leger de Main Arts Coalition and a director of the LEDO Art Gallery, both on New York City’s Upper West Side.

Kavouklés works in a variety of media including oil paintings, watercolors, ink drawings, pastels, monotypes, wood, and satire.

His works are in private and corporate collections in the United States and Europe.

Kavouklés was interviewed by the art critic Joan Altabe regarding his early adoption of digital printing. And despite the article’s misleading headline, his pigment print images are not “computer-generated” by some automated process. Click here to read the interview.

Kavouklés’ work is featured in the book by art historian Darrell D. Davisson, Ph.D., Art After the Bomb: Iconographies of Trauma in Late Modern Art (2008).

Mr. Kavoukles is currently represented by Stakenborg-Greenberg Fine Art in Sarasota, Florida.  Tel: (941) 487-8001

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